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1.Do babies really communicate with their cry?
Absolutely. Crying is normal and a sign that a baby is healthy and can communicate. Babies don’t have words but they definitely have feelings and communicate their feelings through cries that differ in the pattern of the pitch, loudness, tone and inflection. For example, a stressed cry has a strong, short attack, falls slowly and then rises again, whereas a hungry cry is high-pitched and energetic.

2.How long does it take for the Cry Translator to translate a baby’s cry?
The translation results appear within 10 seconds. If there is significant background noise, it may take a few seconds longer or you may have to move away from the background noise and try again.

3.What are the advantages of using the Cry Translator?
The Cry Translator eases the anxiety many parents have in caring for their crying infant. The Cry Translator helps you to recognize your baby’s different cries so you can respond to his/her needs more quickly.

4.Does it work for all babies regardless of language or culture?
Yes. The Cry Translator recognizes the five baby cries universal to all babies, regardless of culture or language; hungry, sleepy, stressed, annoyed and bored.

  5.Until what age will the Cry Translator interpret crying?
The Cry Translator translates sound. The Cry Translator will continue to translate crying regardless of the age of the child.

6.Why is it important that background noise be minimal when using The Cry Translator?
The Cry Translator technology is based on sound analysis, so background noise may interfere with the functionality of the application when translating a cry. If background noise is detected, you will be prompted to restart the sound analysis.

7. Can the Cry Translator tell me why my baby is feeling stressed or annoyed?
The Cry Translator is not a medical device. If a parent or caregiver is concerned with their child’s health, they should contact a doctor. The Cry Translator is strictly intended to help parents in recognizing the five core cries so they can comfort their child more quickly.

8.Parents inherently know why their baby cries, why do they need the Cry Translator?
Parents do become skilled at reading their baby’s cries but there is a learning curve. The Cry Translator helps parents decipher their baby’s different cries and gain confidence in understanding what their infant is trying to communicate. The Cry Translator is also great for helping family members and caregivers better understand the baby.

9. Not all babies cry the same way. How can the Cry Translator decipher each cry?
Every baby has a unique accent and tone, just as adults do. In fact many parents can distinguish their baby’s cry in a room of crying infants. Adults don't speak the same way either. Every one of us has our own tone and pitch, but when we say "A" everyone understands that basic message. The Cry Translator uses a technology that does not just rely on a cry's tone or pitch, but matches it with an established pattern to get the translation.

10.Can anyone effectively use the Cry Translator?
Yes. The Cry Translator is simple to use. Just press the “Start” a button when the baby starts crying and within 10 seconds a response will be displayed. Some parents have expressed that "this is like the 21st century thermometer!!".

11.What is the rate of accuracy?
Clinical tests have rated the Cry Translator as accurate 96% of the time.